Why Older Women Should Wear Darker Colors On Top and Lighter Shades On The Bottom.

Put on darker colors on top and lighter shades on the bottom. Try out horizontal stripes and patterns in tops, which direct the eye to your lengthy legs. Accept your swimmer’s shoulders by putting on halter tops. Wear tasteful, fitted clothing to stress your midsection and flaunt your sporty features. Choose wide-legged pants, especially with the flowy material.

She encourages women over 50 not to be afraid wearing sizable, statement pieces. For example, a smaller string of pearls might just look elegant, but in many cases, a string of over-exaggerated pearls would highlight your appearance and complete your outfit.

You really should also take into consideration girdles, or, alternatively, invisible belts if you do not prefer this add-on. Older Women commonly need a belt, but they don’t appreciate the large buckles, so often go without one. To combat this, Wilkins and her pair of sisters developed a company that produces an” unnoticeable” belt made from thin plastic with a small clasp. She says they benefit women in their forties who don’t want the added girth from a belt buckle.

As women get older, metabolic rate reduces. If your physique has changed and you are toting a little more weight in areas than you used to, you may need to reinvent some ways of dressing. The correct fit of clothing is important for women of all ages, but especially 40-plus considering that it can make or break an image .

You may not like the look of a fitted top. Try draped and shirred tops that will address a belly . If you wish to cover your arms, you can find stylish longer-sleeved options, like cardigans and shrugs, to accomplish this. You can also get an undergarment called “Sleevy Wonder”, which has various sleeve options you can wear as a layer under your shorter sleeve items.

Older women should wear a choker locket or scarf to draw attention to your face and far away from other areas. Never dress in clothes that are too saggy; it will literally make you look larger. Walton says sizes too large– and too tiny– can make your physique look frumpy and unflattering. She suggests counteracting this by ensuring you purchase the proper size and by getting your clothing tailored.

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Women over 40 frequently fear colors– black is slimming, after all– but you should not feel shy in splashing up your wardrobe. Make sure your nail polish is a classy color as opposed to neon, urges Pollock. If you choose cool colors like blues and greens, ensure that they are toned-down versions. Wear vivid colors and prints in areas where you would like to spotlight. Do the opposite to areas you wish downplay. If you have stunning eyes, pick colors that accentuate them

Going out in the evening is a fun time for mature women to fix up a little or a lot for a significant occasion or event. Instead of resorting to wearing all black in hope it’s going to make you seem taller, here are some suggestions on the best ways to dress yourself tall for the night. The same fundamental principles apply as those I’ve talked about in previous youtube videos, so if you have missed those, go take a look at the playlist.